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Business Writing that Works.

We offer a number of fully customizable ways to help you -- or your staff -- improve your writing. Most organizations will benefit from an initial three-hour course called Business Writing that Works.  Business Writing that Works offers a helpful, non-threatening way to learn business writing fundamentals.  See the attached sample PowerPoint to get an idea of the style of this pleasant workshop. It's engaging, it's interactive, and it improves your team's awareness of the written word.

Follow-up workshops (typically two hours each) emphasize the mechanics of writing, including, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and "voice" lessons.

Contact Dr. Felton for details on pricing and availability.  

Tasteful Editing.

Many of us love to write.  Many others must write, and they recognize that their writing would improve with the assistance of a seasoned writer or editor.  Our writing tasks vary; sometimes it's an important proposal, report, newsletter, or a creative project. Occasionally, our writing tasks might involve a scholarly publication or a book-length manuscript.  Anyone who reads your writing will gain an impression -- positive or not -- of you.  You deserve the opportunity to put forth your very best work, and I would be pleased to assist you in that goal.

The bullets to the right demonstrate the spectrum of professional editing services available.  For your convenience, I've arranged the list in a simple/easy/quick to a more complicated/more difficult/more time-consuming order.  In about an hour, I can proofread and copy-edit 6-10 double-spaced pages, depending on the level of technical detail and, well, the number of errors I find.

I can also help you develop a project from your initial idea.  If that's your writing task, let's talk, and your fee will be happily negotiated.  




  • Proofreading and Copy-Editing.  Proofreading and copy-editing means that I check for problems in an already-prepared piece. I will correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, usage, formatting, consistency, and other typographical errors.  However,  my intent is to preserve the majority of your text so that your voice remains dominant.  I will suggest alternate wording in order to clarify points or paragraphs that might not be clear enough for your intended audience.  My proofing can be accomplished via electronic means by the use of Track Changes and embedded and emailed comments.

  • Content Editing.  Content editing is more intensive: it involves reorganizing and/or rewriting a paragraph, page, section, chapter, or document.  I'll also review websites, reports, scholarly articles or dissertations, and resumes for overall professionalism, ease of navigation, broken links, compliance with style sheets, etc.  I can either enact the recommended changes, or, if you prefer, I will  provide you with a list so you can ultimately decide whether or not to accept such suggestions.

  • Project Development.  I can also help with the full-scale development of a writing or communications project.  Do you need a newsletter developed?  Need a customized PowerPoint presentation created, a topic researched for a scholarly article, or a book chapter ghostwritten? We'll need to discuss details and deadlines, but you'll be pleased with the results.