Substance Abuse.  This course is best tailored to the particular policies of your business regarding alcohol
and/or substance abuse, but a more generic approach may be presented if desired.  Topics include
current alcohol and substance abuse statistics for the
United States; five opportunities for drug testing
with a detailed explanation of “critical incident” and “reasonable suspicion” testing.  In addition, the consequences
of testing positive on a drug test are identified.  Alcohol (breathalyzer) tests are explained (including blood alcohol levels
that signify violation of state or company policies), as are urinalysis tests for legal (prescription medicine, or over-the-counter products)
and/or illegal (prohibited) substances.  Next, drugs of common abuse in
Tennessee are explored, including the use of
cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, club drugs, inhalants, marijuana, alcohol, and prescription drugs.  Employees
are encouraged to seek assistance for personal issues or addictions that might be affecting them.  If your company
offers an Employee Assistance Program, I will include some non-threatening instructions on how to seek counseling
from your EAP.  All questions are answered one-on-one for privacy reasons.

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