Nashville, Tennessee


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This tab shows a third "other" side of me, beyond my training, writing, and editing tasks: my blossoming career in real estate.  In Summer 2012, I earned my real estate license and partnered with my long-term friend, Becky Wynne, to join Parks (Hillsboro Road in Nashville).  A major task there meant new marketing, getting the word out, reaching new clients -- and that meant the creation of another entirely new website to educate folks on the huge decisions one faces when one decides to relocate, to sell, to invest, or especially to buy.  That new website is, because we really are a "home team."  Because of the energy I am devoting to this blossoming career, I've switched out the former EyeTrain Blog for info on real estate.  Below you'll find one of my favorite features of the "other" web focus.  Keep me in mind when you find yourself in need of real estate assistance -- thanks!