Diversity in the Workplace  is a course that must be taught by a skilled facilitator, because many employees
resent having to "take" a class covering the important topic of Diversity.  If I had a nickel for every time I've heard the
phrase, "Are we going to sit around, hold hands, and sing Kumbaya?" ...   The first step in this class is helping participants
to see that we are indeed different from one another -- and we're different in more ways that just gender or race or age.  
We hold different values.  This class, therefore,
not only affirms the value of having a diverse workforce, but also provides a path
by which employees can become aware of their own prejudices and stereotypical thinking in a non-threatening way.
By examining in some depth the seven "protected classes," employees are encouraged to take the steps necessary
to become self-aware and to create a more harmonious and cooperative workforce.

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