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Teaching Technology offers classes that are immediately available to fit the particular
training needs of your workplace.  The seven classes listed to the right are "turnkey";
they can be offered as soon as your schedule permits.  Click on the links for a brief
description of each.   In addition, explore the "Writing and Editing" tab for information on
Business Writing training that may be customized to suit your particular workplace.  

You trimmed your training budget, but you still need to offer compliance and other
soft skills to your staff.  Your staff need to be refreshed on important workplace issues
such as preventing sexual harassment, becoming more comfortable with staff diversity,
and rejecting a workplace where bullying is tolerated.  Your staff could benefit from a fresh
approach to customer service, learning a few tips on email etiquette, and understanding
how substance abuse impacts the workplace.  Maybe even you could be a better manager
if you polished up your own performance management or coaching skills.  

Are you prepared if one of your staff members comes to you about an incident of sexual harassment, or reports a case of substance abuse to you?  Can you document that you have properly trained your staff, and that they know how to respond?  Teaching Technology can assist you with these difficult workplace issues.   Your human capital is your business. According to Zig Ziglar, "What's worse than training your workers and losing them?  Not training them and keeping them!" 

Teaching Technology also has extensive experience in curriculum development, and
we boast a particular emphasis on meeting the needs of adult learners.  Yes, I can adapt
or develop other classes you need.  Do you need training that's affordable, relevant, and offered with a quick turnaround?  You need to contact me:

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